Report Spam Texts, Phishing Links & Suspicious Messages

Spam texts can come from illegal telemarketers and fraudsters posing as genuine service providers. They entice victims to share personal and financial information or infect electronic devices to steal information, eventually causing financial loss


Sean about 8885438393

Text is for discounted marketing services, the group is a completely scam. Lost money. The parent company is octa design, which includes octa logo, octa video, octa animation, octa marketing, etc. Mighty vidz is a scam!




scammers about Mighty Vidz

they are like barely high school & college kids who just started the scam and didn't aware or don't have any of knowledge of credit card and how chargebacks work. i think they are pretty fcked now.

Chris about VK-KARFCS


Henry about Internet Security Alert! Code: 055BCCAC9

I suppose to have borrowed money and now plan to sue for loan.

Robert about CASE NO: FGTM-98524L2

Failure to answer call (never received one) in March 2015 on FRAUD

Asking for payment (email of 25 Sep 2018) of 600.00, or got to court for 6700.00

Bob about 55702

Account Notice: You have a new offer ready for your Account. Up to 10K. Click Here: TxtSTOPtoEnd

YAKUZA about 085272062017


Bhavana about

Your RC: SGNR00116392 has been issued April month ration for the total Rs.113 i.e. Rice:15 kgs(free),Wheat:6 kgs(free),Ragi:0 kgs(free),Jowar:0 kgs(free),Sugar:0kg(Rs.15),Poil:0ltr(Rs.25),Salt:0kg(Rs.2),Dal:kg(Rs.38) NIMMA RC SGNR00116392 GE May-18 Ralli 21KG AKKI, 1KG TOGARI BELE, HANCHIKE MADALAAGIDE.NEEVU Rs.38.00/-MAATRA NEEDUVUDU these are the messages coming from april2018

kalpana about +919816970367


Srini about 7840817267

Many missed cals

Ghh about 456

Tex send

Aman about 7431998188

Received a call from+91743199818 and msg from HPSNADEL
"DEAR customer,Congratulations your booking order is very lucky for luckydraw contest and you have won 1st prize TATA SAFARI (RS-12,50,000) I hope you have always shop with Snapdeal .COM for registration send aadhar number and pan number details CONTACT US 7431998188. Thanks ." and he have my latest purchase information from snapdeal

Abhishek about +919631830114

Received a call from+919631830114 and msg from HPSNADEL
"DEAR customer,Congratulations your booking order is very lucky for luckydraw contest and you have won 1st prize TATA SAFARI (RS-12,50,000) I hope you have always shop with Snapdeal .COM The registration service charges-6500 details please CONTACT US +919931138718 ,180030020155 Thanks ." and he have my latest purchase information from snapdeal.

Nasir sk about 8001150158

Kanutia, Birbhum ,731213

Gopi about VK-RBISAY 8489091476.
Job message

Nicole about

Like everyone else, was sent a check. Smart enough not to fall for it, but did start doing a bit of research and found out almost a detailed location on where this particular number is coming from. If anyone is in Texas, they are in La Coste! Off Madona Lacoste rd, close to wisdom! The names associated are Charles Erlandson and Mark Dickerson!

Amber about Gfw*3 Gldscr.Com

Crdrpt.Com took $39.90 from my card without authorization!!! No idea who these people are not how they got my information. Not easy to get
My money back going to dispute it through the bank and have to cancel my card!!! Be careful check your account because they will scam you out of your money!!!

Amber about

39.95 taken from my card without authorization!!! No idea who these people are not how they got my information. Not easy to get
My money back going to dispute it through the bank and have to cancel my card!!! Be careful check your account because they will scam you out of your money!!!

Lisif about 18885438393

Unsolicited message uses my entire name and says

Lauren about Isnt this your friend?!

Got a fake message with phishing link from 650-309-4706. It says "Isn't this your friend?! on a youtube link.

Rohini J about 53969

Saw a long message or rather code that was automatically sent to the number 53969. Wonder what it was n what is its source.

Gayld about

Received fraudulent check from your address. Why screw with a sick, elderly lady.

Giga about 33222

Got this message multiple times! "Buy Gold below market prices. Protect your assets against stock market. Reply YES to be sent private pricing. Plus Free Book Benefit of Gold!!"

vmistry about Officer James Morrison, CRA

I received a call from officer James Morrison about CRA agency and I or my attorney had to call him back otherwise it is good luck to me.

Jane Nel about 844-455-8243

HealthIns: Jane, IMPORTANT - Please Call Regarding Your Medicare Coverage to Avoid Penalties. Call 844-455-8243 or text STOP.
Mon 5:00 PM

Kishore about Rs 97520 Tax Payment was Deducted

I got email "Rs 97,520 Tax Payment was Deducted From Your Account" It came from Income Tax Dept .

Dear Sir,

Your Tax payment was successful. Rs 97,520 has been deducted from your
Net banking Account. Kindly download and view your receipt below
attached to this email.

Admin, Income Tax dept.

There is an attachment which I think is VIRUS. Take care!

Velsingh about Velsinghvaskela18548

Velsingh vaskela ???? ?????? ??????? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ????? ???? ????? ??? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ????? ???? ??? ???? ??

Locke about 18554560228 18554560228 is a scam. I got this charge amounting to $48. No idea what is.

Regis about Audible US

I have been charged &15.98 twice though I haven't ordered any Audible product. Audible US. This is certainly a scam.

PWalter about IMO. Lets Video Chat on imo spam

I downloaded IMO app and its now sending this message to all my contacts. That's totally illegal and misuse of personal info. My friends receive message from My name as if I have spammed them. This is crazy and muxt stop.

"Let's video chat and text on imo! Get the free app"

Polly about Pegasus Virus

Message on my phone screen says my iOS account is infected with Pegasus Virus! And I need to call Apple Support to block my images and data from being stolen. The number shown was : 844-444-4163

JamesW about 844-308-9011

Fake "Apple Support" Saying my iPad is hacked! Middle eastern voice. Possible a woman from India... Beware! Scam

Kathy about WCmonBudgetsaver

What is this charge? WCmonBudgetsaver? I find this on my card and they are stealing small amounts regularly.

Srinivas about 6203042916

I got call from this number as calling from State Bank of India, when I ask which bank started scolding me.

Lori Pac about

I got an unsubscribe message every time I enter an Angel Rodriguez from Chelan Wa. Works at crunch oak in Cashmere Wa. I get this to my mail to message he owes me money.

Alice about

I got this fraud, fake, scam email supposedly from YAHOO! Bad grammar. Bad spelling! Total scam!

" Your Account Will Be Deactivated

Hello Alice,

This Is To Inform You That Your Request On: 11/07/2018 2:05:20 P.M. To Remove Rour Rccount From Yahoo server has been approved

and will initiate in one hour from the exact time you open this message. Regards.

ignore this message to continue with email removal or

If this deactivation was not requested by you

Please reply us."

GrahamM about VZW Suspension Notice

Fake message. I don't have a Verizon account!
"VZW Suspension Notice. Unauthorized VZW usage account. Avoid service suspension, by confirming account details link:"

Lyka about

I received an Email with an attachment . It came from domain. I havent opened it fearing virus attack

OBrian about

I got a text message asking to go to to collect my reward for all the "extra time put in". Heck! I haven't worked extra time for anyone!

MenZes about 18554785527

I just received this message with a potential scam link. Beware! Dont Click! “Hey there! Someone you know sent you a compliment! Find out what they said -
Reply INFO for info, STOP to stop messages. Support :

Anthony about (141) 020-0501

FRM:BBC 2018
SUBJ:Your No. Have Won 800,000.00 Pounds In 2

BellaW about

Got along mail saying I owe around $1400 to cash advance america or one of their group companies (??) and I need to and speak to an Officer Brian Rosner. I havent taken any cash advance. Period! Sending this to trash!

Hope this helps you!

Alia about Attorney Robert Kent

I was called by someone who said I have payments to be made to the Tax department and I have to call this Attorney Robert Kent (713-239-3492) to resolve the matter or I will be arrested! Oh my! This is scary!

Lisa about

Received a voicemail that Amazon is hiring 23 people to work out of the comfort of their homes, and directs me to go to internet to "complete"my application. I haven't started an application. Does Amazon know someone is using their company's name to scam people?

Lori about Oregon

Suspicious voice message asking you to go to as Amazon is hiring 23 people in your area to work from the comfort of your home. Well spoken American sounding voice on the other end. I did not respond as I have not applied for any such position.

Adam about 4693891590

Just had an extremely similar run in as Brice described- this “Travis” guy claims to be from Texas, and wants an “online arrangement” to send $500/week in exchange for constant erotic pictures and videos. I googled his name and number and found this site so just went along with it some more to see how far it would go... He asks for all financial information- even began demanding my social security number claiming he needed it for “security reasons to transfer funds.”
I blocked him after this as it was just getting too creepy and the tone of his messages changed to be angry.
Do yourself a favor- avoid this man and this phone number!

shravs about +3250717

Someone is repeatedly calling from +3250717 suspicious number and aren't speaking anything

JebB about 343-304-8571

Someone has used my email Id to send this message asking for $500 iTunes card. They were asked to call this number. 343-304-8571. The mail reads : “How are you? I need a favor from you. I need to get an iTunes Gift Card for my Niece, Its her Birthday but I can't do this now because I'm currently traveling can you get it from any store around you? I'll pay back as soon as I am back. Kindly let me know if you can handle this Thank you, Jeb 343-304-8571"

This is hugely embarrassing.

FrannK about Microsoft Mailbox Backup Failed!

I received an email which appears to be from Microsoft but from a fake ID. "Our records show that your mailbox backup failed with your email provider, Sign Microsoft Corporation backup Agreement to avoid loss of data." Has an attachment which certainly is infested with Virus! Dont open!

jayy about 17039912676

A voice mail: we are currently hiring 23 people in your area for Amazon dot com from the comfort of your home please visit our website internet profiting today to finish your application that's thank you.

Rmax about Global Sweepstakes International

Call saysing you won Global Sweepstakes International. A million dollards could be yours.. you need to call them to process the claim! WOW! that's fraud..

HarryN about

Received this spam message. "FRM: Brynn MSG: gt0cu69 bed. I love you so damn" Better dont check out! Virus?

Cheryl about 750

Rec'd a call on my phone telling me Amazon has hired 23 people in my area and to go online to to finish my application. These people need to get a life. First of all...I haven't filled out a job application online...secondly, why just 23 people? If this crap was so hot they would have more than that.

Natalie about 205-378-6670

They left me a message that Amazon was hiring 23 people that i need to go and finished my application.

JoS about JoS is a scam pretending to be Amazon hiring in my area and directing me to this website. Phone number they called from was ?+1 (410) 989-4470? ( Hydes, MD)

Sharon about Sharona

I received a voicemail on my phone advising me Amazon was hiring 23 people to work from home in my area.

Jenesys about

Taking my money with out my consent out my bank account hell no that's my money and I want it back

CookT about ANC*

ANC*ARCHIVES.COM is taking money out of my VISA. I didn't susbcribe to their service.

RickG about WC*MONESSN

I have been hit by totally unautorized, unknown charges appearing as wc*monessn. Cant figure out what the hell this is. They have taken out $29.95 twice

Melissa about 6145598564

She said her name was Woodall Diane and wanted my full name to see if I was on data base list for being a winner for federal government grant.I asked several times to give a site information or something so I see for myself if any of this was true or not and they went on about getting to fill out information on the text they were requesting. Examples were mothers maiden name, annual income etc. They sent me a pic of some woman. I tried calling the number and it just rang until some kind of voicemail came on stating that the text subscriber you are requesting is not available to leave name and number

SamDan about

Message says I won $100 from AT&T and I can claim it by going to AT&T website and gives this fake site as link! Beware! Scam to gather your AT&T account info!

Mosche about Rapid Recovery Solutions

I was threatened with wage garnishment if I dont contact "Rapid Recovery Solutions" and pay off some loan which I never ever had!

Moxin about

Advance America represented by SemRad Law Firm asking me to pay over $6,000. Long winding email. Sounds like foreign!

Orouke about

Received this text. "291.32 $CAD received. Deposit your funds via the secured link below. And gives the website link" What does this mean?

Rajat ku about VM-RBISAY

Getting unwanted SMS. Asking to call 14440 ?? SPAM by Reserve Bank of India ????? ??? ????


YOUR PACKAGE WAS UNDELIVERABLE! Please Type "YES" to receive an immediate call back or contact us directly at 1-352-541-3194. Thank you. Type "YES" for a call back.

Lisa about 1.405.543.2442

I was left a voicemail in reference to Amazon hiring 20 people to "work from the comfort of your home". Told me to go to" for finish my application. I am pretty sure this is a spam call.

Emily about

YOUR PACKAGE WAS UNDELIVERABLE! Please Type "YES" to receive an immediate call back or contact us directly at 1-352-541-3194. Thank you. Type "YES" for a call back.

Regine about Voxbone

Scammed me 300 dollars. Said he will transfer 3,000. Never did

Marlin about Kehoe Financial Group

They called my work and threatened to have my wages garnished. I told them it should be a matter of mistaken identity since I haven't taken any loan from them. Without any proof or paperwork they called again after a week. Highly aggravating.....

Elisa about 6143291865

??, what is the purpose of it when will they gain I'm confused but I won't respond

Roger about BELLAVEI

I was trapped into ordering product by a Facebook ad for skin nourishment cream. The website has not send the product. But they are billing me every month. Lost 30 Euros already. Left with no alternative but to get my card company to block them

Fave about US Immigration

Got a call from Office of Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) . The caller said I have been investigated for immigration violations and I can avoid deportation by paying a fine. The man had Indian accent. He told me to speak to a superior who also was an Indian man. I said this sounded like a scam and I would call DHS directly, he hung up!

Danny about 410100002

FRM: server MSG:Your CheckCard has been temporarily LOCKED. Please call services line 1-475-242-9743

MarthaG about Fake BioSlim Colon Cleanse

I found this free trial offer for BioSlim Colon Cleanse. Just pay £2.95 postage. But you need to share your banking details. Beware guys! Read the text in unreadable faint text! They have the "catch" in there. Almost got me too. They would charge £79 after 14 days and every month after that! So take care!

Porter about Dennis Law Group

This group of scamsters have been sending me lengthy emails threatening to have me arrested if I dont send money! This is absolutely crazy! They have nothing to prove that I owe money to their clients.. in fact they don't even give name of a specific client but says they represent hundreds of lenders! So what?! This is a scam. An illegal attempt to extract money! Dennis Law Group Scam

Max about

FAKE! Fraud loan company says I owe them money. Never heard of this Bullshit company let alone take any loan from them

Amanda about MTN VuClip

I didn't subscribe for Vuclip. MTN is eating my airtime with unauthorized VuClip subscription. MTN.. take this out or I would file a formal complaint

Tate about Home Securities Promotions

Promotion of Home security solutions with a BIG discount offer. Hardly the stuff any sensible guy should touch!

mary about 1-410-200-506

Notice saying my bank account will be closed Alert*****

Shellie about 2307 NE 4th St D104

Hi Shellie Singleton,we like you confirm the delivery of the Market Research survey letter that was delivered to your provided address by postal service.This is Mr Torres From Market Research Inc.

Steph about 647

My phone didnt receive a call (not in my caller display anyways), but when I listened to my new voicemail today it was a man with an indian accent claiming to be Officer James Morris and that I needed to call him back or basically face the consequences,that I cant let this go or else something bad will happen!!

Vittal about 100500135618

Nimma rc

Kodanda about 8197508696

I want this

James Pe about Pre Approved Loan

We are direct Mandate to a genuinely renowned Investment Finance Company offering Cash & Asset Backed Financial Instruments such as BG/SBLC/MTN/LC/DLC on Lease and Sale at the best rates and with the most feasible procedures. Instruments offered can be put in all forms of trade and can be monetized or discounted for direct funding. We offer certifiable and verifiable bank instruments via Swift Transmission from a genuine provider capable of taking up time bound transactions.

Kindly contact for genuine inquiries and I can provider you with the needed information.

Contact : James Petty
Skype: jpettyinstrumentlender01

Chris about

I was told yesterday I would get refunded all the money an I got a few back but didn't get close to what I was told an jus trying to figure out why

Redd about

I received an email from Paul Smith (Accounts Dept) of Bureau of Defaulters agency FTC Incorporation
National Debt Solution
PO Box 105028
Atlanta, GA 30348-5028

The loan email states I have to pay certain $$$$ to Cash Advance or I would be in deep trouble. I haven't replied, suspecting scam.

kate about 205-860-6967

Says: "Shane, Borrow as much as 5k to pay off DBT or anything else you need. See here . Respond stop 2 cancel.

My name is not shane and I've blocked these texts 4 times now.

Ali about Carlings

Even after cancelling my number from their online page and talking to a store, I still get messages about some store offers and discounts from them.

Henrik about HQE*PAID-ME.COM

They have stolen 1495 swedish crowns from me

B about +16139279726

left message pretending to be CRA (but never saying that they are), asked me to call back right away and not disregard message.

cary about 60031 said they take £4.50 a month i did not agree to this will call bank if it goes off my mobile or account

Sheila about 424-261-4233

Alert for fake Craigslist buyer using 424-261-4233 number. Wants to buy item with money order and offers extra $50 to reserve item. This is a scam.

Aakash about HP-FLIGHT

Getting unwanted commercial marketing messages though my number is registered with do not call service. Stop this spam. "HP-FLIGHT - Saleday - @Easemytrip Use Code: SALEDAY and get flat Rs.550 instant discount on domestic flights % Rs.1100 off on international flights. Hurry!"

Noel about Fake Telephone Preference Service, UK

01202402014 : Fake Telephone Preference Service. Need to pay them to protect one from nuisance calls.


01618503294 - Fake HMRC threat to send taxes or face arrest!! SCAM!!!

Mylan about VD-VFCARE

My credit card has a $19.99 charge identified as VD-VFCARE. Haven't done any transaction in last 48 hours... I'm trying to get this reversed by my bank...

RandP about Technical Department of Telstra

0890387451 - "Telstra" calling. Foreign accented woman. Says "Your internet service has been hacked. I will connect you to the support team" I kept the phone on the table and went for a stroll.


02068566658 - Accident compensation Insurance claim. Said I dont have to pay anything to them. Sounded like a scam


News & Updates

FCC's stand on unwanted text messages

It’s illegal to send unsolicited commercial email messages to wireless devices. The messages may promise free gifts or cheap services. Scam artists posing as Govt agencies could send messages threatening action unless money is paid. Spam texts can contain phishing links designed to steal personal info or may infect user's phone.

2017-11-19 00:55:13

Millions lost each year - Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, citizens lose millions of dollars, each year, by responding fraudulent text messages. Scammers use deceptive text messages to lure consumers into providing personal or financial information

2017-11-18 22:40:22

In Australia, ACMA handles actions on spam SMS messages

Report spam SMS to ACMA by forwarding to 0429 999 888. If you have a grievance about a specific SMS message, submit a complaint to the ACMA or contact the ACMA on 1300 855 180.

2017-11-18 22:27:50

Stopping Spam SMS Messages - UK

Organizations must only send marketing text messages to individuals, if they have agreed to receive them, except where there is a clearly defined customer relationship. Forward spam SMS messages to 7726 for the network operator to act.

2017-11-18 22:03:32

Sugar about BT Customer Services

Calls from
0014247875660 , 01893399397 to say it,s BT and my router has been hacked and an engineer need to attend to it immediately or BT will switch off my broadband



What are the popular SMS/Text Message Scams?

Spam texts (SMS Messages) are sent by computers, bots or apps programmed to spit out hundreds of messages every minute. Scammers expect only a very small percentage of recipients to respond. To increase the chance of successful hits, scammers flood mobile phone networks with millions of messages. Their ultimate aim is financial gain by defrauding unwary recipients who respond assuming that the spam text message they received is legit.

It's important for you to be aware of various types of SMS scams and hence be guarded.

Lottery / Sweepstakes Spam Texts

The fraud business of making money by sending spam SMS commenced with "lottery winner" scam! It's wide spread across the globe. Unwary recipients are amazed to hear they have been "randomly" selected to win a large prize. Scammers use names of well known corporations including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Microsoft to make the text appear legit.

Bank Account or Credit / Debit Card Suspension

Text message disguised to make it appear as if sent by your bank or your credit card service provider could make the recipient call back or click a phishing link, all designed to steal account credentials. Deceived users panic when they are alerted by unauthorized debits.

Fake Loan Spam Texts

Scammers send bogus messages informing users that their loan application is approved and to get back to them, to receive funds in their bank accounts. The deceived user ends up making an advance fee payment for a loan which never existed. Dubious websites collect loan applications and pass on the phone numbers of unsuspecting customers to criminal networks, for a fee.

Bogus Debt Collection Spam Texts

Fake debt collectors and bogus law firms, send out messages about unpaid debts. Same message is sent to thousands of people, at the same time! Someone who may have defaulted on a loan could get scammed into believing that the message, is in fact, from his creditor and end up paying money which does nothing, to reduce his debt.

IRS, HMRC Tax Demand Scam

In US, Canada and the UK, messages demanding tax payments are a major source of fraud. The messages are largely sent out by scam operators in foreign countries who have local agents to collect "tax" from panicking tax payers. Once a tax payer reverts, the fake tax agents threaten arrest & to freeze bank accounts.

Free Grant Money Spam Texts

Like tax fraud, grant money texts also originate largely from foreign shores. Scammers assures victims that they were selected by the Government due to their clean criminal record and for not being bankrupt!! You would wonder how anyone could fall for such stupid scam! But according to the FTC, every year, citizens collectively lose millions of dollars, in this scam.

Unauthorized Charges

People complain of receiving sudden alerts from their banks or credit card providers about debit of money (usually in small denominations, under $100) which they had not spent or authorized. The unauthorized charges are often result of a preceding phishing scam where the user would have unknowingly shared his banking info with scammers.

What are the populat SMS/Text Message Scams?

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur, from a Lorem Ipsum passage, and going through the cites of the word in classical literature, discovered the undoubtable source.

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature.

What are the populat SMS

It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.

What are the populat SMS

It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.

What are the populat SMS

It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.