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Fake Crypto Give Away offers on Twitter

Frank about Fake Crypto Give Away offers on Twitter


To express our gratitude for your support, we are starting the giveaway for 5,000 ETH to the community! To get yours, just send any amount between 0.5-5.0 ETH to our address below to get 5-50 ETH back. The transaction will be executed automatically by using a smart contact! Don't worry if you're late, your ETH will be sent back!

Brenn about Fake Crypto Give Away offers on Twitter


FAKE SCAM! "We're also giving away 5 000 ETH as we reached 3,000,000 user on Vergecurrency To participate, just send 0.5-5 ETH to the address below and get 5-50 ETH back to the adress you used for the transaction Details: http://Ethfree.tumblr.com "

Jay about Fake Crypto Give Away offers on Twitter


FRAUD GIVEAWAY! No Free ethers! This is a scam!
Q­­­­­­­­­­l­­­­­i­­­­­­­­­­?­­­­­­­­­­­­­­k @QIinkMobile_ "To commemorate our partnership with Binance, we are giving away 5­0­0­0 E­t­hereum to our community!
To participate, ju­st se­nd 0.5–10 E­TH to the ad­dr­es­s below and we will immediately se­nd you 5–100 E­TH back to the your ad­dr­ess! get-ethers.com"

CoolHead about Fake Crypto Give Away offers on Twitter


"RIPPLE GOLD @xrpgoldd (FAKE ID)
GIVEAWAY! HOLD 1000 XRPG we send 500 XRPG again after airdrop.
How to get XRPG?
Send 0.0005 Ether to contract address 0x9b0af35c04afd466fb177ffced19a55c1edbfde7
Gas limit use 100000
Retweet and comment eth address for free 300 XRPG.

This is a scam...

NotionA about Fake Crypto Give Away offers on Twitter


Fake vergecurrency account @xvgpromoccurenc is sending out bogus ETH giveaway tweets. "We currently have only 2 official giveaways. Just follow the links below to participate! vergegiveaway.com"

Charge about Fake Crypto Give Away offers on Twitter


THIS IS A FAKE! "Friends ! Who wanna participate in a free ether give away? To get yopurs simply send 0.3ETH to our address and we will send back 3 ETH to you!"

Nigel about Fake Crypto Give Away offers on Twitter


Scammers are targeting Verge owners. Fake Twitter handle posing as genuine XVG. @xsvergepromo "We're so sorry for this attack. Take our giveaways as apologize. Just follow the links to participate." It's a scam, don't fall for it! There is no Verge Giveaway!

Pavel F about Fake Crypto Give Away offers on Twitter


Fake Twitter handle @vergekscurrency is posting bogus ETH give away offers . ETH Giveaway. Click here to participate. ethc.cash


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